Consultancy services

Project Planning

Define a professional Project plan with clear milestones, deliverables, schedules and resource model which will help visualize the future actions.

Project Rescuing

Rescue projects from a difficult situation and revive the process which will help attain the goals / milestones for the project.

Project Streamlining

Define a path for the project which will help in putting the building blocks back in place so that projects can be driven in a right manner and in correct direction.

Risk Management

Conduct a Risk Initiation, Risk Identification, Contingency and mitigation planning to control and tack the unforeseen events which might hinder the progress of project.

Project Transparency

Define clear cost model, profit model, accurate start date and end date of various milestones and get clarity on launch date.

Project Vision Mapping

Conduct a vision to goal mapping which will help define the correct path which will link the goals and objectives of project with the final end product.

Value Creation

Conduct a value based analysis which will help you get most benefits out of the project by expending optimal resource and minimal time.

Project Consultancy

Provide timely project guidance in terms of cost, scope, time, risk, quality, communication, integration and procurement based activities.

Development Guidance

Help the development teams in terms of architecture, design, deployment patterns, coding and best practices to be utilized for the project.

Testing Guidance

Help the testing team in providing guidance with regards to Test Plan, Test Case, Test scenarios and Testing methodologies to be adapted for the project.