SharePoint WebParts

SharePoint Webparts are independent piece of code which can help in extending the functionality of sharepoint. It will help power user in becoming more productive, efficient and help in aiding collaboration among groups or business entities.

Notification Applications

This application will allow you to remind / notify about any events, appointments or any activity. The reminder can be set for any unit of time like hours, days, fortnight, month or any combination of time unit.

Pest Control Data Management

This tool is developed to record, track, monitor and store records related to clients, service details and information about products and services pertaining to Pest Control services. The application also provides timely reminders, insights and decision making capability in day to day operations.

Auto Feeder Tool

This tool is developed as an addendum to School Management System. The main purpose of this tool is to read from an external data source and feed the internal system with structured, filtered and clean data which can be used for institutions